One of our company’s profiles is dedicated to the HVAC systems. This technology provides temperature control, oxygen replenishment and level of moisture of the buildings bringing thermal comfort and indoor air quality which is the most important factor in the structure of every building. We take care about the microclimate of your building whether it is a flat/house or an industrial space, museum or library.

air conditioning

Our company offers a huge range of innovative domestic and commercial conditioning systems as well as a new generation of precision air conditioners which are designed for special spaces, such as laboratories or data centers where high precision air conditioning is essential. Also we work with fan coil systems based on antifreeze technology. We got…


As a leader in the market of people-moving technologies, Pro Service introduces wide range and installation of low and high-rise elevators, as well as all the types of escalators and walkways. Our professionals will offer innovative solutions of any shape and function for commercial and residential buildings.


Pro Service provides hydraulic and mechanical elevators engineered for all types of building requirements such as commercial and multifunctional business centers, low and mid-high residential buildings. We offer hospital type of elevators designed for medical field reliably managing the high flow of people and medical equipment. Also we introduce panoramic elevators highlighting the uniqeness of…


We provide planning and installation of drainage and plumbing systems. Our experienced specialists in the plumbing field will help you to implement all your ideas using only the best innovative systems and materials. Our previous projects are the proof for professional, reliable and high-quality corporate behaviour.

water supplying
Drainage Systems

Our company delivers planning and installation of high quality innovative drainage systems for collection and removal of infiltrated water and moisture protection on roof areas of residential and commercial constructions. ProService also specializes in installation of drainage pumping stations. We use only the best products for the ultimate solutions aiming to deliver safe and comfortable…