Testimonial - Vahagn Khalatyan
I have had the honor of working with Proservice for over 6 years. Since 2013 being the chief engineer of "Grand Tobacco" LLC, I have managed a number of projects where we have cooperated with this company regarding the purchase and installation of elevators. During its operation, Proservice has excelled in terms of efficiency, consistency and high quality of work, and the company's management has a high level of competence and knowledge. The elevators installed by Proservice Company have broken the stereotypes about Chinese products that have been formed in our country for years with their reliability, high technical equipment and delicate design. They are undoubtedly competitive with the products of world-famous companies. In my opinion, this is a result of the high professionalism and high quality of work.

Vahagn Khalatyan

Deputy Director of International Masis Tabak
Testimonial - Arevik Yeghyan
During the reconstruction of the "Shirak" Hotel, one of the most difficult tasks was to replace the old passenger elevators with new ones. The best and optimal solution to this problem was provided by Proservice specialists, after which our cooperation started. Experts from Proservice replaced the elevators in due time, without disrupting the normal operation of the hotel, . The installation of elevators in the new building was entrusted to Proservice as well. The work was done again on time and with high quality. Thank you for your cooperation.

Arevik Yeghyan

Manager of Shirak Hotel
Testimonial - Lusine Hovhannisyan
Today, Proservice has a unique place in the industry, confidently moving forward in line with the changing demands of time and technology. The import, installation and maintenance of modern, reliable and safe elevators have become a way of life for every employee of this organization. It's nice to work with such a well-trained staff.

Lusine Hovhannisyan

Head of the Division of Elevators' Technical Security Expertise of the SNCO
Testimonial - Vova Martirosyan
We have been cooperating with Proservice since 2013. I can describe the organization as a conscientious, attentive, follow-up and most professional and reliable partner. Together with the massive construction of the Opera Suite Hotel, I can say that Proservice will definitely be involved in all the other projects as a partner.

Vova Martirosyan

Blesk LLC, director of the Armenian branch
Testimonial - Arman Mkrtchyan
On behalf of KR Construction, I would like to thank each and every employee of Proservice for their professional approach. Together with Proservice, we have implemented 6 projects, during which about 2 dozen elevators and trucks have been installed. It's nice to have such a partner.

Arman Mkrtchyan

Financial Director of KR Construction LLC
Proservice has been selected as a contractor for the supply and installation of elevators for the Sasna Tsrer 3 residential complex, being built by Renshin Company, as a result of a closed target competition, having higher indicators by almost all criteria. The work was carried out on time and with high quality. We thank the company for their professionalism.

Levon Kasparov

Deputy of General Director of Renshin LLC